Basic Hydration



Hydrate yourself with 1L of fluids. Infuse directly to your bloodstream bypassing digestive system to allow rapid and effective absorption of nutrients where you need them most. The fastest way to hydrate without going to hospital or clinic. Infused with essential electrolytes and vitamins.



Basic Hydration IV


Hydration IV Treatment

Perhaps you’ve been told that it’s essential to remain hydrated. Of course, that means drinking enough water and fluids. However, there is a preferred way to get your fluids— iv hydration therapy! IV hydration therapy is the solution to your dehydration woes.

Have you ever heard of basic iv hydration therapy? If not, and you aren’t sure of its function plus when to use it, then read the information below:


What is a Basic Hydration IV?


This is a quick treatment to deliver essential fluids to your bloodstream directly using a tiny tube fixed in your arm. Dehydration treatment replenishes fluids rapidly in a manner that drinking fluids can not.

Dehydration can overpower your body’s physical state before you experience the symptoms. You are in danger of dehydration with vigorous physical fitness, consuming alcoholic drinks, and illness. When such things happen, remaining hydrated turns out to be a challenge due to lack of a healthy diet, extended sleep, nausea, and/or vomiting.


A Basic Hydration IV Bag


  • 1 Liter of Normal Saline: This solution comprises sodium chloride and water 


Benefits of Basic Hydration IV Therapy


Easy and Convenient: If you are sick, you perhaps don’t want to go to your doctor unless necessary. IV therapy is a convenient option for numerous primary symptoms as it’s not complicated. In addition, there’s no need to leave your house to seek hydration therapy as the process can be done in the comfort of your home or in our lounget.

Health and Wellness: The fluids can assist in supporting a healthy immune system, keeping you hydrated, and promoting your skin, upgrading your energy levels.


Stay Hydrated!


How long will you wait to take IV hydration therapy? With the numerous benefits of dehydration therapy, you don’t have to wait for long. Book your appointment today with a Registered Nurse to administer the treatment in less than an hour at the comfort of your home or in our office.