Fat Burner



We know that it can be challenging to lose weight, but our Weight loss IV therapy will help you burn fat by transforming stored fat into energy. So let’s start melting those stubborn pounds away.

Fat Burner IV


Weight loss IV TreatmentAre you tired of unpleasant fat that has refused to move away despite your attempts to kick it off? 

Simple exercising and dieting have failed to work, yet you want a change. You don’t have to fret! There is a solution to this. An IV therapy for weight loss is simply the way to go. It’s time to change NOW, not later.

IV therapy for weight loss 


This weight-loss treatment has MIC +B12, vital in assisting you with your health transformational journey to looking good and feeling great. This specially designed combination of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins blended with B12 Lipo is what you require to throw out that metabolism into overdrive.

During this process, fats in beverages and food are mixed with oxygen to produce the energy needed in your body.


Components of Weight Loss Metabolism Drips


  • L Carnitine enhances muscle growth potential and lowers recovery time.
  • MIC + B12: AKA Skinny Shot or Lipo shot
  • Methionine is a vital amino acid that prevents fat build-up in the circulatory system and liver.
  • Inositol promotes healthy cells and nerves
  • Choline increase the general metabolic rate
  • Vitamin B12: Improves mental health, cognitive performance, vigor, and stress.


Get Fit with Body Correctional Facility


Are you ready to dive inside and begin the path toward a nice flexible body? If yes, then consider undertaking a fat burner IV therapy. This simple and non-invasive treatment will make you feel comfortable and at your best.

  • May Add On
  • Glutathione: Mighty Glutathione is a super powered antioxidant that protects your body from disease and the effects of aging.
  • B Plex: Converts proteins and sugars into energy. Helps increase metabolism, also supporting immune system.
  • Magnesium Sulfate: Relaxing, helps with inflammation, blood pressure, stress, and muscle recovery.