Myers Cocktail



Whether it is a headache, cold, fatigue, or athletic recovery, the Myer’s Cocktail is the best option when it comes to recovery from any illness. With its vitamins and nutrients, Myer’s cocktail can be beneficial to anyone looking for a quicker recovery time!

Myer’s Cocktail


Meyers Cocktail IV Treatment

Have you ever had IV treatments? If yes, then the chances are that you are familiar with the term Myer’s cocktail. So what’s it all about it? Here we will explain everything about it, the Myer’s cocktail ingredients, the benefits, and the uses that the cocktail delivers.

A Myers cocktail is a blend of nutrients, vitamins, and fluids that, when combined, can leave you with a great punch. The cocktail was initially introduced by Dr. John Myers and remedied sicknesses such as asthma, migraines, and fatigue.


What’s in the Myer’s Cocktail?

The cocktail involves a combination of a hydrating saline solution, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins administered to your bloodstream directly that assists in boosting your immune system. The ingredients include: 

  • B-complex vitamins: A combination of folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B6 that plays essential roles in your body, starting from changing food to energy to boosting your immunity system.
  • Vitamin C: An essential nutrient that benefits your blood, muscles, skin, and other organs in your body.
  • Saline: Acts as a hydrating solid component that works to regain the fluid levels in your body. Also, it boosts the feelings of mental and physical energy.
  • Magnesium: Linked to a functional circulatory system and healthy bones development. 
  • Calcium: Aids in bone formation and strength.


How Myer’s Cocktail Works

Immediately Myers’ cocktail gets inside your body, and it skips the digestive system. The cocktail functions by boosting the blood concentration of numerous minerals and vitamins.

This Myer’s cocktail delivers minerals and vitamins directly instead of orally into your bloodstream. Your Registered Nurse injects a small catheter into your vein, then you relax for around 45 minutes as you receive the infusion.


Benefits of Myer’s Cocktail 

After treatment administration, you can end up feeling an energy boost that could last up to 3 days. If you have chronic illnesses like acute asthma, you can respond to the therapy with fewer symptoms and added energy.

Other clients with weak immunity will be less susceptible to diseases. Instead, they will experience an increased immune response.

You don’t need to have a chronic sickness to enjoy the fruits of Myer’s cocktail. This blend of Vitamin C, B-vitamins, calcium, and magnesium is excellent, if you find yourself under stress, burnt out, or exhausted.



Anytime you feel the side effects of a hangover or feel tired, Myer’s cocktail IV is a great way to follow. The cocktail is chocked full of vitamins and minerals that envelopes several bases to assist wellness. So, are you ready to feel refreshed and energized? If yes, book an appointment with certified Myer’s cocktail therapy, and you’ll receive treatment in the comfort of your home or in our office.

May Add on 

  • Glutathione: Also known as the master antioxidant, a compound developed from a mixture of amino acids that support detoxification and fight inflammation.